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Welcome to the TIKI COMBER courses in Cesenatico

Welcome to the TIKI COMBER courses in Cesenatico

Known for its famous canal port, Cesenatico is also a cool and diverse city, where a good part its visitors are interested in quality drinking and eating.

Tiki Cesenatico seminario 2017
TIKI COMBER is ‘the’ lounge bar on the canal port, with one of the best Tiki Cocktail lists and the best bartenders in Italy. (Most Innovative Bar, double awards for Tiki Comber Cesenatico).
Every year TIKI COMBER organizes a Tiki mixology course, sharing its experience with bartenders who wish to specialize, with the desire to learn, grow and stand out.

Tiki Cesenatico Mugs webFor 2017 the Tiki course "Where is Bali Hai?” has been organized. In the unique atmosphere of the canal port, the 3 day Tiki courses will concentrate on rum cocktails from the greatest historic masters of exotic drinks.
The seminars are aimed at those who want to enhance the Tiki and exotic drink mixology; with an attentive eye to drinks, the technicalities, historical context and sales strategy.
Exploring together the Tiki culture and satisfying the desire to understand, learn and develop in the evolving art and high quality mixology.

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