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TIKI COMBER Cesenatico: conscious of the will to go beyond

TIKI COMBER Cesenatico: conscious of the will to go beyond

At the start of 2017 we would like to look back on what has happened in the past months: from the results, passing opportunities, surprises and approval.

2016 was the year of consolidation for TIKI COMBER. The goal was to reinforce what we had built in 2015, following a defined road, certainly not without the unexpected but with clear ideas in our heads.

We haven’t stopped being curious and enthusiastic about our work, we aimed to do our best, to reach high potential, like an athlete who feels the power in his legs, ready to cover longer distances, at a better pace.
In this way we’ve grown as a team, we’ve continued to train our muscles, knowing that the sacrifices would have led us to aim higher, to feel the fatigue, but the view is unique.
Therefore, a change that has involved all of us, from all points of view; a change that we’ve handled with enthusiasm and desire, making us stand out.
We have built and redesigned new spaces adaptable to our way of working and our creativity.
We have seen the people with us grow; we’ve strengthened our teamwork and our know-how.
We have set ourselves increasingly challenging targets, with the aim to satisfy our customers even more, to be in great accord in the unique surroundings of the Canal Port in Cesenatico.

In 2016 we continued to research and carry out experiments, it was a year that we travelled further; a deep awareness of our strength and values arose, with the ability to achieve ideas and projects of different complexities.
Now it’s time for the New Year resolutions. This is our promise to us and to all our Customers and Partners:
"We want to continue to grow, but without ever losing sight of what we are and what we like doing, having fun and at the same time creating innovations. We never want superficiality to take over. Even in moments of fatigue or stress, our goal is to never lose the attention to detail and appeal that makes us proud of what we do, and to be certain that our Customers are always at the heart of our choices. "
Looking back over the past months with satisfaction (and in fairness, feeling a little tired!) we can say that the path was full of important and exciting moments.
The most important and exciting times were the "Barawards", an event at a national level, where TIKI COMBER finished in second place in the category "Best Cocktail List of the year" and in the category "Best Bartender of the Year" our John arrived in fifth place.

Tiki Comber received many invitations:

Tiki Comber Cesenatico Chanell  Tiki Comber Cesenatico Chanell Cinecittà

 Cinecittà, Rome -  Chanel fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld

Tiki Comber Summer Jamboree 1   Tiki Comber Summer Jamboree 2  Tiki Comber Summer Jamboree 3  Tiki Comber Summer Jamboree 4

Senigallia, Red Bull - Summer Jamboree

   Tiki Comber Cesenatico Red Bull moto GP Tiki Comber Cesenatico Red Bull moto GP Misano

Misano Adriatico, Red Bull terrace, Motor bike Gran Premium

  Tiki Comber Cesenatico Appleton Estate Jamaica
Jamaica, Appleton Estate Rum distillery

Tiki Comber Cesenatico Venezia Casinò 1  Tiki Comber Cesenatico Venezia Casinò 
Venice Casinò,  Scortese event

Tiki Comber Cesenatico Pitti Uomo  Tiki Comber Cesenatico Pitti Uomo 1  Tiki Comber Cesenatico Pitti Uomo 2
Florence, Pitti Uomo fashion show

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