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The Tiki culture

The Tiki Comber, cocktail bar in Cesenatico, is an expression of Tiki culture.

Tiki culture is an expression of Polynesian, Hawaiian and Caribbean culture, first exported to America, in particular in California and Florida, then throughout the world.

In particular, the Hawaiian philosophy is based on the "Aloha" spirit, a spirit that drives the inhabitants of the archipelago to adopt an attitude of hospitality and friendliness.

The Tiki inspiration has influenced various fields: furniture, a variety of objects, clothing and cocktails.
Don the Beachcomber, the father of Tiki Cocktails: this globetrotting Texan was the first to craft the modern Tiki bar.

In 1934, after the period of the prohibition ban, Don wanted to recreate a typical Tiki style bar in Hollywood which turned out to be very successful. Following this success, many other Tiki bars were opened in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world.

Tropical cocktails are at the core of this movement, also called "Tiki Pop", and are served as a "ritual", not just as a drink, garnished with fresh tropical fruit, real orchid flowers and some with a burning flame. They are served in ceramic mugs, representing Polynesian figures.

Many people ask us about the "history of Tiki culture." Well, it’s very simple; it consists of living moments of a "peaceful life", to the sound of exotic music, drinking an exotic cocktail and relaxing while the sea breeze takes you to the shadow of a tropical palm tree.

In summary, "Tiki culture" is live a good life, have fun and enjoy the tropical splendour that life offers.

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