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Tropical atmosphere

Tiki cocktails are part of the history of mixed drinks and tropical culture.
Rum, a spirit originally from the Caribbean territory, is the basic ingredient for Tiki cocktails, combined with fresh tropical fruit.

These cocktails are served in the typical "mug" glasses in colourful ceramics, decorated and shaped resembling tribal or Caribbean figures.

The most famous and traditional Tiki cocktail recipes are the "Zombie" and "Mai Tai" but lately, thanks to the great success that the Tiki cocktails have achieved around the world, many other recipes are emerging, created by top international bartenders.

At Tiki Comber new cocktails, destined to travel around the world, are studied, tested and launched. In fact, some have been created for international companies.
The best Tiki cocktails from Tiki Comber naturally create our menu and can be savoured by all our fans, in the unique atmosphere of the Leonardo Da Vinci Canal Port in Cesenatico.

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