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Nightlife in Cesenatico with Tiki Comber Cocktail Bar

The Tiki Comber cocktail bar, is an essential part of the nightlife in Cesenatico.
Located along the Canal Port, it offers a unique and almost magical atmosphere.
The night in Cesenatico offers, also thanks to Tiki Comber, different experiences and unique emotions.

The high concentration of restaurants and pubs, and the fact that you can easily walk from one place to another, makes the Canal Port the perfect place to be for an evening in two or with friends.

There are many places that offer excellent cocktails and drinks, to be enjoyed in company. The ritual of aperitifs begins at sunset in the bars along the Port, where people meet to talk about their day, encircled by the magical red sunset. Then, as the night descends, the vibrant nightlife begins and continues on until morning, listening to rhythms that range from rock to chilled-lounge.

Tiki Comber is an ideal place for a classic aperitif or a Tiki Style cocktail and, as night falls, to experience the Tiki atmosphere enjoying exotic cocktails, accompanied by soothing music, delightful fresh fruit and savouring something from our "Savoury Comber ".

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