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  • Tiki Comber Bar Via Armellini 14, 47042 Cesenatico, Italia

Tiki Comber Polynesian experience

The original Tiki lounge at Cesenatico, Tiki Cocktails made from their original recipes and flavors of the sea GourMèr.



A Tiki is an ancient Maori totem from New Zealand. Bearer of strength and fortune; forming a powerful talisman for meditation (head), strength (hands), communication (tongue) and love (heart).
quality raw materials
With a preparation lasting several hours, the choice of quality raw materials and the expertise knowledge of the techniques, we give our Tiki cocktails unexpected and unforgettable nuances of taste, bringing to live your dreams of faraway places and exotic atmospheres.
Snacks and fresh fruit

Snacks and fresh fruit

To accompany a relaxing moment, Tiki Comber offers snacks and delicious fresh fruit whilst sipping a Tiki cocktail in the sea breeze of the canal port in Cesenatico.
Tiki Aperitivo

Tiki Aperitifs

Our aperitifs are prepared by our expert bartenders. We offer a variety of cocktails, from classics to the unique Tiki Style, prepared with fresh fruit and high quality spirits.

High quality spirits,
you’ll never get bored with us



The philosophy is to relax, leaving your mind to travel to tropical atmospheres. The décor of the bar and the flavour of the Tiki drinks will treat you to unique sensations, together with relaxing music.
Cocktails and aperitifs prepared with fresh fruit and high quality spirits. An informal and friendly environment.
A great place to spend a pleasant evening.
Tiki drinks

Tiki drinks

Polynesian flavours served along side the canal port of Cesenatico.
With a constant desire for innovation, careful research motivated by great passion, together with high quality raw materials and fresh fruit, allows Tiki Comber to present once more the original recipes and the authentic tastes of the Tiki cocktails.
Souvenirs - Gadgets

Souvenirs - Gadgets

Only at Tiki Comber you can buy the unique and original Tiki Mugs with our logo. Take home a little Polynesian atmosphere – Tiki Comber style.

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Tiki cocktails EN

tropical atmosphere in a glass.

  • Mai Tai

    Mai Tai

  • Mint Julep

    Mint Julep

  • Missionary's Downfall

    Missionary's Downfall

  • Tiki Teetotaler

    Tiki Teetotaler

  • Tommy's Margarita

    Tommy's Margarita

  • Zombie


  • Spiced pina colada

    Spiced pina colada

  • Tropical mule

    Tropical mule

  • Tiki Bowl

    Tiki Bowl

  • Scorpion


  • Captain's Grog

    Captain's Grog

  • Combers Painkiller

    Combers Painkiller

  • Coconut Grove

    Coconut Grove

  • Don's special daiquiri

    Don's special daiquiri

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    • “ BRAVI ! ”

      “ BRAVI ! ”

      Recensito il 08 settembre 2020 - DEBORAH R
      Bravi!! Locale consigliato da Google e devo dire meritatamente. I cocktail sono obbiettivamente ottimi e presentati in modo originale. Il servizio è un valore aggiunto. Mi ricorderò di questo posto!

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    • “Ottimi cocktail a base di rum”

      “Ottimi cocktail a base di rum”

      Recensito il 05/09 2020 - Davide V.
      Ottimi cocktail a base di rum. Ottimi cocktail a base di rum, i camerieri sanno consigliarti e spiegare i vari cocktail con molta professionalità. Vengono proposti effetti speciali come il fumo che esce dalla conchiglia... Consigliatissimo per bere un cocktail in compagnia sul porto canale...Lo zombie è il cavallo di battaglia...

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